Saturday, December 3, 2011

God is Working...He just uses my hands and feet

'but you received the Spirit of adoption BY WHOM we cry out, 'Abba, Father!' Romans 8:15 (captials mine)

Well, our first fundraising dinner went down last night. I can't even begin to explain how deeply moved I was to see 150+ people turn out to support the Hendrens and our family on our endeavors to adopt. We had a great homemade dinner, we had a great response to the silent auction, we had great raffle ticket sales for the TV. We got to give the TV away to my good friend Lisa Jensen, who won the TV drawing. We (the Laceys) made a grand total of $1800 last night at our dinner!

We planned, we worked, we did...?

As I reflect today on last nights event, I have to admit that 'we' didn't really do anything. Yes, I made some arrangements. Yes, Angie came up with an awareness speech. But I don't believe those things in and of themselves are what brought people out in support.

People came to support us because God is stirring up something deep within. He is working in the midst of this and I cannot take any credit for what is happening. I can only say that I am receptive to what the LORD wants of me. He has placed a holy discontent within me to care for an orphan in their discontent (James 1:27). He is moving me. Using me. I believe that He is using my entire family. I get thrilled when I think of the future. What does God have planned for our Haitian son, that He has called us to bring him into our home? What great things will He create for us and for him?

Yes, God is at work. He uses human hands and feet like mine and Angies. But He also used a room full of people last night. People who, I believe, want to be used by God to help bring home children who may never know a better life.

So now as I fill out our paperwork and prepare to send in our first payment this week to the adoption agency, I extend thanks to all who let God use them last night. I thank you all who are as excited as I am to bring home our little boy.

I praise God for His goodness and look expectantly to Him to continue to guide us through our adoption journey.

God Bless and my love to you all!


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