Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Church Family Like No Other

Today I saw firsthand what a church family is. This is not the first time I've seen them come together for a great cause but a wonderful reminder about why I love Shadow Mountain Church and it's peeps:)

I saw my church family unite and come forward with amazing support for my family's adoption process. They had 'secretly' been taking up a collection of loose change into a large pottery 'Haiti jar'. (How 250 people kept this a secret from us, I have no idea!) But they managed it!

When all was counted, it was nearly $300!

As I sat and counted money, I couldn't help but think about our son. The nameless, faceless little boy who we have yet to select, but who is somewhere in Haiti. I can't wait to see his face. I can't wait to visit him. I can't wait to bring him home, love him and give him the best life we can. I can't wait to take him to Shadow Mountain Church. Mostly, though, I can't wait to introduce him to the dozens and dozens of people who are chipping in, digging deep and helping us to finance this adoption. I can't wait for them to hug him and meet him, to see the fruit of their assisted effort. Our church family is as huge a part of bringing our son home as we are in having the hearts to open our home to him.

So a deep and profound THANK YOU to everyone who helped fill the Haiti jar. I look forward to the day, after our son is home, after all is said and done and we can pass it on to another family and offer prayer, support and love to them on their adoption journey.

Blessings to our church family. You will never know how much you mean to us!


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