Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Glory in the Paperwork and Set-Backs!

So I've finished what is (hopefully) our last financial statement for the application process. Mind you that this is just the application process. We still need to go through home study, prepare a dossier, apply for visas and passport, do background checks...etc. (I will keep posted what we hear from the Agency on the finalization of the application process...)

It can seem overwhelming. It is overwhelming, honestly. But I feel compelled in a way I've never felt before. I pray and God shows me. He shows me that there is a boy, and even though I cannot quite see his face, I see that he needs me. He needs Daniel. He needs a family. But mostly he needs the chance to hear about Jesus. My feeling of being overwhelmed is nothing compared to the fire God has lit for me to pursue bringing our son home. I am tired. I don't know how things are going to get done. I will keep praying. God will send us what we need through grants, fundraisers and hopefully, His people.

I praise God for his goodness. His faithfulness. Things look bleak. The car broke down. Almost $700 later, we have transportation, but back to square one on raising money. The roof started to leak...another upcoming expense, I'm sure. But I still praise God for His goodness. He brought us to the decision of adoption and He will find us a way to succeed.

I just want others to know, keep glorifying and praising Him through diffuculties. We have faced so many in the short time we decided to adopt. It only proves something great is in the works. Satan is fighting hard against God's plan for us but he has no power over those who look to the LORD. Keep looking UP!
God Bless,

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