Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lies the Devil Whispers

'Why are you stressing yourself doing this?'

'So much of your time is being diverted from your family, and your husband and kids need your attention so much more right now.'

'You can't do this! You don't have the drive to see it through.'


Each one being whispered in my ear almost daily it seems now that we are full swing into paperwork and building the dossier. The deeper we get into this adoption process, the more fierce and frequent these lies become.

And to be honest...some days I almost want to believe the lies. I almost want to just file the folder and papers away and go back to my easy life. The easy life....sounds so appealing at times. One with no tracking down of certificates, photos, emails and digging up finance and employment information. The easy one where the kids and I just kick back and have a relaxed Christmas break.

Then like waking from a dream, I realize that Satan is working hard to lure me from what God has planned. I asked my friend, Angie, one day if it was rude to tell the Devil to screw off, because that is exactly what I do when I see the tricks he's trying to pull on me. I set my mind and determination on what God wants me to do. He has a greater plan and when I think of the strongest lie the devil has told me yet...'He (Oscar) won't know you if you stop right now,' I dig my feet in, drop on my knees and give the struggle to God. He is far stronger and has been carrying us through this.

Lies only destroy. They destroy what the LORD wants for our lives and Satan is happy to dish them out. Jesus promised us new life through faith in Him. This life is one with my Oscar in it. I know it. So I place my faith in Him each day. I battle the lies Satan throws at me by thinking and praying the Word.

I know Oscar is waiting for us, his family, as we are waiting for him. So, screw off Satan. God's got this battle already won for me!

Prayer for continued strength and deeper trust is always welcomed!

Thanks and God Bless,


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  1. Gonna mention the part about the goosebumps you got today - after telling Satan to screw off? :o)