Thursday, December 8, 2011

Prayer Request

Now that our paper work is in process and our first large payment has been made towards our adoption, I've noticed (within the last 24 hours) a sick feeling growing in my stomach and heart. The feeling that comes when you want and have to do something, (holy discontent maybe???) but your hands are tied.

I read articles about Haiti. My son is in Haiti. Many children are living in conditions there that are unimaginable to most Americans. Poverty, death caused by curable sickness, child slavery, lack of son is living among these conditions. No parent can or should have to imagine their child in these circumstances, yet those adopting from impoverished countries must face that their children are. It's horror.

I know that God has drawn a line from us to our son. That He will work all things out. I trust Him implicitly. But I am a broken-hearted mother, as I think of what conditions my son may at this moment be living in or being exposed to.

So, my prayer request today, is that God hastens our process. That He works all this out smoothly and beautifully. But also, that if He deems I must wait and be patient, that I can do so with a willing heart. I also ask that if you've been thinking of adoption or even fostering, to remember that even if you think you have little to offer, it is still so much more than what that child may ever know.

God Bless and thanks you to all who have been prayer warriors through this journey with us.

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