Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Mother's Day Prayer

Well Mothers Day is fast approaching and my family keeps asking me what I want for the holy occasion of celebrating my motherhood.

I have never been fond of Mothers Day. I know. It's probably odd for a mother to say that. But it's true.

I have always felt that I don't need to be recognized for the one role in my life that I cherish above all others. (Other than marriage.) Oh, it's nice to be pampered or doted on. But not necessary.

I love my children. They love me. They show their appreciation to me in small ways all the time. Tayler thanks me for cooking dinner and genuinely thinks I'm cool! Kaley puts little messages on my cell phone banner. Brendan...well, he once in a great while tells me I'm the best mom ever:)

I love those small things thousands of times more than one grand gift a year.

But this year, I am feeling different. I am feeling the pressure of wanting something like I've never wanted it before. The want has been so emotionally draining some days that I feel physically tapped out as well. I plead with God on a daily basis to provide it...then ask Him for patience, strength and encouragement if it doesn't come.

That one thing?


I want to know that our adoption is progressing and not at the stand still, waiting for a presidential waiver signature. I want to know that our paperwork is moving through the Haitian adoption process and that we have made some ground over these past 6 months. I want to know that my boys are a little closer to home....

But weeks and weeks continue to pass (and our very awesome coordinator patiently and gently puts up with my annoying weekly text messages) and there is no word of a signature. No movement. No progress. Just stuck.

So if I have a Mother's Day Wish this year its just to get a signature on that paper that moves us on to the next phase of our adoption. If you are reading this, and you are a praying person, would you please add us to your prayers. I would love to be able to know this Mother's Day that our boys are a little closer to home and that others are helping us pray them home.

Thanks friends and family!
God Bless,


  1. Praying for your family and your boys in Haiti, my friend. Being stuck sucks! Hey, that would make a great bumper sticker...maybe Tayler could design it and then sell them as a fundraiser! haha

    1. We should pitch that phrase to the Stuck and both ends burning campaign! really does suck. But I try and look beyond these sucky moments of waiting to the joyous celebrating when we finally get off the plane bringing them home. It's small, but it keeps me going!