Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two Is Not a Crowd...

Some exciting, and unexpected news!

Upon receiving our uscis approval on Monday, some amazing things have happened! I noticed that on our approval, the uscis approved us to bring home 2 male children, and it got me thinking about another boy that we met when we were in Haiti. He was small, a little withdrawn and had suffered from what appeared to be possible malnutrition in his infant years. I estimate him to be about 8 years old now.

I immediately began talking to Daniel about it. What if God wants us to really bring home two? Could we say no to God? Those of you who know me and Daniel, know that we try not to ignore the Lord when we hear his calling.

I spent two days in hefty prayer, turning things over to God, asking to just remain in His will for us and the adoption and specifically asking to not be bitter if Gods answer was no. I knew what I wanted, but I want Gods will more and left the final decision up to Daniel.

Daniel is a hard facts person, so after inquiring into additional cost and how we were going to house an extra child, he told our daughter, Kaley, "God wants us to bring two home. How can we say no?"

So two days later, we have decided to expand our family a little bit more. We aren't bringing home just our one little guy, but two!

I had had a feeling we weren't done adopting, but never would have guessed it would be before we even completed our first!

So prayers are greatly appreciated as we take on a little more load, but we are ecstatic God has called us upon this great adventure of adopting. I have already emailed our family coordinator and hope to have our new additions paperwork soon.

Much love to all our supporters and prayer warriors.

God bless,

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