Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh Happy Days!

I have not posted as often as earlier in our adoption process, mainly because the last three months have been fraught with frustration for us. We have been dealing with a lot of miscommunication and misunderstandings as we have tried to receive approval for our fingerprinting and background checks.

I didn't want to bog people down with the stress and amount of down-heartedness that we have been feeling. ( although a few of you have been faithful and have walked beside us during this time and we thank you and love you!) We have suffered for three months trying to put the finishing touches on our dossier. Well, I can finally say the finish line is in sight....literally. It is highly possible that by this Friday our dossier will be making its exit from America and arriving in Haiti! ( I won't say 100 percent because nothing is in this adoption process, but we have forward movement! Always better than backwards!!!)

After our struggles and frustrations trying to acquire our final approval it is so exciting to again feel some process being made.

I am hoping the next time I get around to updating our process I can affirm court dates and even more forward process.

I want to finish by giving credit where credit is due. I have cried, stressed, sobbed and cried some more during these trying months. God has been our only strength. Christ our rock. As I've been recently reading through the New Testament, I am impacted by the strength of Paul, who admits and preaches gladly while being in chains for Christ. The trial and persecution he faced far surpasses all I have endured during our adoption process. And I am called, as Paul was, to find joy in my trials. I am blessed to be able to lean fully into the word and love of the Lord during our journey. In no way has this adoption been easy, but we do call it pure joy to be able to follow the calling God has asked of me and Daniel. I have no doubt, complete and utter faith that He will do all things for His glory and bring good to those who love Him. He will bring our son home...

Prayers, as always, are so deeply welcomed and appreciated.
Love and blessings to all,

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  1. I would say the beginning is in sight once that dossier lands in Haiti.

    What ever will you do with all your free time? HA!

    Love and miss you terribly :o)