Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Journey Continues...

Well, it's been a couple weeks of trying to pinpoint some things, but Daniel and I feel that, though the need for homes for children worldwide is great, Haiti is calling our names. Approximately half the population of Haiti is under the age of 16 and 80% of the population lives in poverty. ($2 a day poverty, not $12000 a year poverty).

Also, our good friends, Ray and Laura Hulse, have served several short term missions in Haiti and through their stories, we feel a bond to the people and the land of Haiti. Their trips and experiences have touched our hearts and we strongly feel the urge to welcome a Haitian cutie into our home! We love you guys and admire the work God does through you and your mission work!

I also want to shout out praise and thanks to God for rallying such an outpouring of support for our first upcoming fundraising event! So many families from our church home, Shadow Mountain Church, as well as my family, the Moranos from New Hope Church, have donated tons of clothes, furniture, electronics and other goods, that we will have a massive yard sale this coming Oct. 8th! We love all who have been supportive and donated.

Ongoing prayer for our experience is much appreciated, especially since Tayler has expressed some small concerns about having another sibling. I did not think for one moment that, for our kids, it would be all smiles and sunshine when we decided to adopt. So prayer for an easy transition for them as siblings. Prayer for their hearts to open and their eyes to see that when God called their parents to a great, yet scary, experience, that we weren't afraid to tell Him no. (not that a mere mortal really could!)

Blessings and thanks to many! We love everyone who has given support and items! We love the Hendrens for their continued promptings forward! (no, Angie, I still LOVE all the info you email me! Keep it up).

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