Monday, October 10, 2011

Application Submitted and some other thoughts

So after filling out 13 different steps on the AWAA website, we finished the application, submitted a family photo, sent in our letter of request and paid our processing fee we are now invested and on the official journey of adoption!

I filled out as much as possible during the day and had Daniel review all the info after he got home from work. (He only had to make one change so I thought I did pretty darn good!) Off it went and we will hear in approximately 10 business days from the agency that they have processed our information.

I feel exhausted and we've only just begun!

We did specify that we were interested in the Waiting Child Program. This means older children (usually 3 and older) or a child with special needs. The wait time on these children is shorter (hopefully) because they are 'harder' to place. The fact that a child is 'hard' to place, breaks my heart. How do you look into the eyes of a special needs or older kid and tell them they are less loveable than a healthy infant?? That they aren't as 'valuable'as a healthy child?? Aren't all children equally valuable to those who love them?

On another note, the Yard Sale was a HUGE success! We made $426 in 6 hours! Thanks to all the families that donated stuff to help us along with our adoption. I can't wait until our son comes home and you all can see the fruition of your support!
God Bless,
Terry and Daniel:)

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