Monday, April 23, 2012

April...A Time of Referral, Baptism and God's Work.

So many things seem to be happening full steam around me, but my brain and body are still on 'Haiti' time (as my friend Angie so rightly put it!). Things are whizzing past me and I don't feel like I'm hanging on very tight! In other words, too much to do and I have no sense of time!!!

But here are some things that have been going on in our village since we returned from Haiti on March 30.

Our official referral documents came in! We are in process of working (and waiting) on adding a sweet, cute, healthy 2 and a half year old boy to our family! Due to confidentiality reasons, I cannot post any other information about him. But he has a name and face! We have a son waiting for us in Haiti!

However, April has been filled with other amazing things. Tayler was baptized on Easter Sunday this year. All I can say is when your 15 1/2 year old son commits his life to Jesus and willingly gets baptised without poking, prodding or doing it because it's the rule, it is the most amazing experience for a parent. Seeing your child take ownership of his faith...well, I've been thanking God for drawing Tayler and making my son His child.

Also, I have to praise God and give Him glory for constantly walking with us. A small, but powerful story: Part of the paperwork that we received for the referral had the amount that we needed to pay up front to the agency. Weeeeeellllll....this very scatter-brained woman mis-read the statement and only sent in half the payment! EEK! We needed to send in twice as much. Well, our savings and personal loan had been tapped out so we were kind of sweating what to do. We had part of it in cash to send, but needed $800 more. I was getting to the point of selling, pawning, begging, whatever it would take.

Well, funny thing. Our credit card statement came in. The bank raised our limit. Can you guess how much??? $800 EXACTLY! Coincidence? I think not:) This has happened several times over the last 6 months since we started the adoption process. God has been opening doors. If people question why we are adopting or why are we allowing ourselves to go into debt again, I can honestly say God wants us to adopt! He will help us tie up the financial end as it comes at us. Some way, some how.

Anyway, that is a small update on what is up in this village:) I want to send a hug and thanks to our prayer warriors and financial supporters. I can NEVER put into words what it means to us. You are a HUGE part in helping to bring our little boy home!

(The pic is of Daniel and I holding him, but can't show his face so it's been cropped, but we got to meet him!!)
God Bless,


  1. Terry, I'm soooooo excited for you all.I love reading your blogs & crying my eyes out why? Cuz I'm a big cry baby & that's how I roll.God truly works in mysterious ways & this I know first hand.Just be patient a little longer & God will take care of you like he always does.Remember it's all on God's time not our own time.

    1. Thanks Florence! You guys have been a wonderful blessing to us! Thanks for your encouragement and support:) We love you guys!