Monday, February 27, 2012

Conference Call #1 and my Cool Hubby

Some information that Daniel and I got last night on our 1st conference call concering our upcoming trip to Haiti:

-The entire team of 12 people will be flying together to Florida. The team consists of 9 men and 3 women.
Let me take a minute to state here the significance of this number. 9 men. More men than women. On a mission trip that is focused all on playing and interacting with children. In a country where children relate to men as unstable and violent, the love and compassion that these 9 men will bring to the orphans will be profound. Anyone who works with children in any capacity knows the impact that good men can have in a child's life. I feel blessed to see first-hand how these men play, love on and bless these kids!

-The guest home we were originally going to stay in was booked full! So a change in plans to our housing is being worked out at this time. Apparently the accomodations that are being done are quite similar to the original. Not alot of difference, just more work for our poor family coordinator!

-Immunizations. Ugh. That's complete this week for both Daniel and I.

-Airfare. Wouldn't you know it. Daniel and I are the only 2 on the trip that they can't book a same day flight into Florida. So it is looking like we may have to do an overnighter in Dallas before we fly into Florida on the 25th. Oh well, that's life.

-We will have the option to raise funds or bring items to donate to the orphanage. Formula is much needed for their infant/toddler facility and am thinking of purchasing cans to take down with us.

-I am most excited about this! We get to actually plan out activities to do with the children! I am stoked to use my past experiences working with children to see if I can pull off days of fun and interaction! My brain is going a mile a minute on what kinds of fun arts, crafts, games, sports and Bible teachings I can bring to these kids!

-DON'T OPEN YOUR MOUTH IN THE SHOWER! and of course only drink bottled water:)

I think the coolest thing about this whole day leading up to our conference call was a call that I got from Daniel about an hour and a half before.

He found out that a 'poker' friend of his knows a family that recently adopted 2 Haitian children. He said how important it is for us to contact them and know their story. How important it will be for Oscar to know a family that is culturally-similarly structured to ours. I love my hubby. He is soooo smart. He's falling more in love with our Oscar:)

All glory to God. He's doing things right in front of my eyes that some days I can barely believe. If you've considered adopting, don't worry. He's gonna carry you.

God Bless and much love!



  1. I think we should have a Haiti Shower for your where people bring you donations and you get to pay the extra $150 baggage fee cuz you have so much stuff! What do you think?

    1. I think you are a genius. I am leaning against taking monetary donations, but items to take would be great! Especially formula for the babie:) Let's plan!