Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reflections on the November Trip & What's Next

Wow! I have been really slack on keeping this blog updated, but here is whats up with all that's been going on and what is coming up!

On November 21, 2012, Daniel and I (and Tayler got to come along too) had an appointment at the embassy in Haiti to do with our I600 approval. For those who are unfamiliar with the adoption process, an I600 is the request to make an orphan a member of your immediate family. It is now January and we still have not heard back on the approval.'s Haiti. It's government. It's slow. That's how it goes and we are taking each day at a time. I am learning in a whole new way what it means to wait on the LORD!

The boys got to stay with us at our guest house the night before the appointment and what a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful night that was. To have them close with us, to have dinner together, to play with toys...I relive that day over and over in my head even two months later. I was so exhausted...and so happy...

Our little 8 year old (S) bonded with Tayler and I watched brotherly love form before my very eyes.

I watched our little 3 year old (M) being stubborn, not wanting Mama to put him down, and shake his head when Papa tried to hold him! No! No, Papa!

I laugh when I remember how (M), napping in my arms in the embassy, peed all over my skirt!

I still weep when I remember (S) sobbing because he couldn't come with us when we finally had to leave...and I have struggled emotionally ever since.

But Daniel spoke words of wisdom to me, telling me I must pray to God for what His will is in the adoption, not what I want done on my time, in my way...a bit selfish, huh? Of course he is right, so I try to pray that God keeps me strong, teaches me all I need to know, prepares my heart perfectly for when the boys do finally come home. I know God will make this journey beautiful and good, with much celebration and joy in the end. I hold on to that, cling to it actually, when I cry and don't think I can bear it any longer. God is good, always. He proves it to me over and over again, even when the pain is deep, real and overwhelming...He reminds me Christ loved me enough to die for my adoption, I can persevere through ours...

But as for progress, things are advancing: Monday, Jan. 28th, the surviving birth parents have an appointment/interview that the orphanage directors have been preparing them for. At this appointment, they will relinquish their parental rights. Also, 2 of the 12 families that were grandfathered into the IBESR under the 'old' Haitian adoption laws, have exited and are awaiting court dates. This is exciting news! I pray and wait anxiously every day that we will get our call and exit information.

Many people have been praying for us and I want to thank you! We couldn't keep moving forward without those who support us either prayerfully and financially. You all know who you are and let me add, I LOVE YOU ALL! Keep praying for us, for strength and for Gods perfect will to be done.

Blessings and love from the village,